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Welcome to Band


Welcome to Band,

I am so excited by the large interest of students to join band this year.  Band is much more than learning how to play an instrument.  Through band, your child will make good friends and associate with some of the top students in their schools.  They will also learn good habits and skills, such as responsibility, hard work and cooperation which are highly valued and needed in high school, college, and in the workplace.    

Studies show that studying music has an amazing effect on the brain and can help students succeed in other subjects as well...resulting in higher ACT scores, etc.  Joining band in middle school will offer the students an advantage when they join the band in high school, and they will have the opportunity to participate and travel with high school band this year.

Your child has chosen band as their elective for this year. I believe that your child will make an excellent addition to the band, and will be able to excel greatly as a band member. Please read the information I have attached to this letter.  No prior musical experience is necessary.  Each student is just required to purchase or rent their own instrument.  At the beginning of the school year we will have instrument night, where Capitol Music will come with a selection of instruments for the children to choose from, and parents can set up a payment plan.  

Current research confirms that the study of music is one of the most effective tools to improve learning throughout a child’s academic curriculum.  I am eager to work with your child next year.  Please email me and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.  *Band does not interfere with any sports activities.


For more information about the R.B. Hudson Middle School Band, please see Ms. Hanna's pg. by clicking the "School Staff" tab to the left.